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Become a Q-see Partner

Become a Q-See partner

In an ever-changing world full of uncertainty, home and business surveillance solutions are more important than ever. Fortunately, security camera technology has advanced considerably in recent times, and today quality technology is affordable and readily available. Home and business owners everywhere are recognizing the need for monitoring and recording systems. This is why it is not surprising that the market has expanded so drastically. One of the best ways to meet the demands of informed customers is to become a Q-See partner.

Q-See Sells Premium Security Systems

When knowledgeable buyers are looking for the best security system on the market, they consistently ask for Q-See. When you look at our track record, there is no denying that Q-See is the most reputable and sought-after brand in the business. The reason for this is that we are leaders not followers in the industry. We create the technology and trends that other companies strive to live up to. For instance, we set the industry standard with H.264 compression in CCTV. We were the first to offer Internet DVR monitoring. We were the first to provide D1 technology, and we brought 1080p surveillance to the consumer market. Now do you see why it makes sense to become a Q-See partner?

Our Cameras Are Built for Customer Satisfaction

Nobody wants to deal with a faulty product whether they are a customer or a retailer. Selling shoddy merchandise gives retailers a bad name, and it goes without saying that customers will not give repeat business. When you become a Q-See partner, you are able to bypass the unhappy consumer in favor of a buyer that is consistently 100% satisfied. A company is nothing if they cannot stand behind the products that they sell, and Q-See distributors and retailers realize this. If you sell surveillance systems but do not offer Q-See products, you are missing out on a huge market of informed buyers.

We Have an Extensive Inventory to Meet All Demands

When you become a Q-See partner, you never have to turn customers away due to a lack of options. If someone is looking for a simple 4 channel DVR system, we have plenty of options. If a business requires a massive DVD camera system with Internet monitoring, we have that too. Our versatile camera systems give customers options, which means you never have to apologize for not having what they need. These days, it is essential for retailers to be able to offer individualized products, and our huge selection makes it possible for every single customer to get exactly what they need. We also have plenty of accessories to go with our surveillance systems.

We Offer Unrivaled Customer Support

After you become a Q-See partner, you will realize that you are selling much more than a quality product: you are selling a name. People recognize Q-See as a company that they can trust. If there are any issues whatsoever, our dedicated staff is standing by to help. Being able to offer buyers that kind of peace of mind is a huge selling point. People recognize the importance of good customer service. As a partner, you will be able to offer that. Give us a call at (877) 998-3440 to learn more about becoming a partner. 

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